Get Your Pet the Best Care in Farley, IA or Dyersville, IA

Get Your Pet the Best Care in Farley, IA or Dyersville, IA

We offer pet X-rays and ultrasounds

Doctors use ultrasounds and X-rays to detect major health problems in humans every day. But how do you know if your four-legged friend has a hidden health issue before it gets worse? Tri-Vet Associates is one of the few vet clinics in the Farley, IA area that offers pet X-rays and ultrasounds.

We have multiple veterinarians on our staff who specialize in cat and dog ultrasound diagnosis. We’ll use a specialized ultrasound to examine your pet and determine if they have any health issues. We’ll then suggest the best treatment option. Call Tri-Vet Associates now to make an appointment.

Take a closer look with a pet X-ray

We also offer pet X-ray services. We’ll X-ray your dog or cat to search for tumors or other signs of health problems. Bring your pet by our vet clinic for a standard abdominal X-ray today—we’ll detect any issues by evaluating the X-ray images. We’ll then meet with you to discuss your pet’s treatment options.

Make at appointment at Tri-Vet Associates today. We have locations in Holy Cross, Dyersville and Farley, Iowa.